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Acson Moveo APA10B Air Conditioner

Price: RM 1,166.00
Acson Moveo APA10B Air Conditioner
03 8601 1888

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Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Steet Address: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Posted on: 19 May 2015


Air conditioner can help make our homes feel more comfortable especially during hot sunny day. Looking for the right air conditioner can be overwhelmed, since there are so many brands, models, and styles to choose from. Out of all the brands that are out there, Acson is the leading local supplier that provides variety of air conditioners that is perfect for your need.

Portable Cooling
Acson Moveo APA10B packaged an evaporating and a condensing unit in one single body. This is just perfect for anyone who doesn\\\'t need centralized air conditioner and wanted to save some energy. It has a caster wheels so you can move it anywhere you want without a permanent installation. In just about 5 minutes, the APA10B will be ready to cool off your desired room.

Quiet and Light
The lightweight feature of this portable air conditioner is really helpful when you want to move it from the living room, to the kitchen and to your bedroom. It also comes with a sound insulation and rotary compressor which helps in lowering the noise level to as low as 50dBA. No more sleepless night disturbed by the loud compressor sound.

Safe and Convenient
Acson APA10B has an enlarged 7.9€ glare free LED panel so you will get a sharper view during the day or night. Change it to your preferable setting with just a touch on the stylish panel. This air conditioner also comes with a silver ion filter. The silver ion will eliminate and prevent the growth of any bacteria, spores, fungi and virus so the environment is always clean and healthy.

Fully Protected
What is an air conditioner without a proper protection? Acson Moveo features Automatic Restart which means it can be automatically restarted in the event of sudden power failure. It also features a Self-Diagnosis System where errors will be detected by the series of sensors and intelligent control board and the errors will be displayed on the appliance.

9000 BTU/h
Silver ion filter

Specifications of Acson Moveo APA10B Air Conditioner

What\\\'s in the box:
  • 1 x Acson Moveo APA10B Air Conditioner
  • 1 x Window bracket
  • 1 x Air exhaust hose
  • 1 x Window outlet
  • 1 x Caster locks
  • 1 x Suction pad
  • 1 x Wall flange cap
  • 1 x Drainage stopper
  • 1 x Remote controller

General Features:

Price RM 1,166.00
Model APA10B
Size (L x W x H) 46.3 x 37.2 x 77.3cm
Weight 0.30
Uses & Properties Nominal running current: 3.90A
Airflow (CFM):
- High: 206
- Medium: 176
- Low: 147
Sound pressure level (H/M/L): 50/48/46dBA
Water tank volume: 3L
Refrigerant: R22
Voltage 220-240V
Warranty Period 1 Year
Warranty Type Local Manufacturer Warranty
Wattage (W) 2637

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